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"An outstanding job! ... achieved Number One rankings on both Google and Yahoo for great terms...we'll be partnering with Mark and his team at Interface for the forseeable future. "
- Jon Heller
Heller Networks

"InterFacePR.com was the springboard I needed to better PR visibility! We tried many firms in Houston...There's just no beating InterfacePR !"
J. Fan
Jancy, Ltd.

5 Out of 5 STARS !!!
A. Siekierski

"Excellent work. Mark [at InterfacePR.com] is very knowledgeable."
- Luis Pereira
Ask Poodle, Inc.



Houston Press Release Optimization Made Easy

Optimized Press ReleaseOptimized Press KitOptimized press releases in a structured campaign!

Internet Press Release Optimization Services made 1-2-3 simple!

Whether you're in the greater Houston area or are an international company with offices around the globe, you want a company you can trust with envisioning and writing your press release and who knows what they're doing with search engine optimization, and thus with press release optimization. We're the company for you.

Choose the one-off approach, or sign up for discounted rates on each release by doing an annual contract.

Our Houston area clients see their press releases on top placements on the internet News engines for a reason: we understand how the internet actually works. Most more traditionally-oriented PR firms simply do not.

Why trust your press release with anyone less than a full SEO expert AND an expert PR copywriter? Our owner and director of campaigns is Mark Brimm, a Houston local with intimate knowledge of Houston and the promotional services market who has probably consulted or educated many of the great area firms you've may have already tried. Our staff of fully seasoned writers and optimizers have the best Quality screening process available: a veteran expert in both SEO web content optimization for search engines, and an expert PR write. We pass on low overhead and greater expertise and wider arrays of experience on to the buyer at lower costs than you're probably used to. It's not just a press release, it's well written web-optimized content.

Not in Houston, Proper?

We're not just Houston locals, we're a national-focused company with intimate local area familiarity with:

  • Katy, TX
  • The Woodlands, TX
  • Conroe, TX
  • Beaumont, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Pasadena, TX
  • Port Arthur, TX
  • Bellaire, TX
  • Your TX city/town here!
Optimized Press ReleaseOptimized Press KitOptimized press releases in a structured campaign!

Affordable Press Release Optimization and Distribution Services !


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  1. High short-term visibility for your target audience's key searches.
  2. Communicate to a larger B2B industry audience faster than TV can.
  3. Reap longterm SEO benefits for your main website.
  4. Create a trail of news releases that speak to your company record.
  5. Define your company to decision-makers who research you.
  6. Inspire prospective partners into working wheels in your biz dev.
  7. Establish the key features of your company that set it apart.
  8. Create positive name recognition / familiarity.
  9. Test our PR concepts one release at a time!
  10. In-house team learns useful info about web communications methods.

PR Secrets explaining why so few local based PR firms understand how to effectively get out your message in the Internet Age, and how to avoid their biggest pitfalls.




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