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Houston-Based firm gets Internet Public Relations right.




"An outstanding job! ... achieved Number One rankings on both Google and Yahoo for great terms...we'll be partnering with Mark and his team at Interface for the forseeable future. "
- Jon Heller
Heller Networks

"InterFacePR.com was the springboard I needed to better PR visibility! We tried many firms in Houston...There's just no beating InterfacePR !"
J. Fan
Jancy, Ltd.

5 Out of 5 STARS !!!
A. Siekierski

"Excellent work. Mark [at InterfacePR.com] is very knowledgeable."
- Luis Pereira
Ask Poodle, Inc.



A Public Relations Firm You Can Believe In

Unlike most traditional PR firms, Interface PR also has ample experience with online campaigns and the skillsets of online marketing. We can handle ourselves online as well as offline. We're a Houston public relations firm with national and international clients to our credit. And unlike most SEO companies, we have a full slate of experience with public relations and publicity campaigns.

Make positive waves and minimize the undertow with Houston public relations expertise at your fingertips. Mark Brimm is a PR veteran, having worked for international as well as national clients in all fields of public relations for over 15 years. Review our client list and case studies to better understand where we've been and assess our ability to meet your unique needs, also.

Interface PR only takes cases that we feel confident that we can affect positively. Our name is important to us, and therefore so is yours.


Affordable Press Release Optimization and Distribution Services !


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  1. Achieve higher rankings on search engines.
  2. Launch a website or new product or service.
  3. Create more visibility for your organization online.
  4. Create a virtual backstory for your organization.
  5. Announce organizational events and partnerships.
  6. Tell an inspiring story that could help your orgnization.
  7. Demonstrate why you are the best in your field.
  8. To increase market share.
  9. Creation of a foundation for a fast, economical PR campaign.
  10. You understand that publicity is the goundation of industry reputation.

PR Secrets explaining why so few local based PR firms understand how to effectively get out your message in the Internet Age, and how to avoid their biggest pitfalls.




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