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- Jon Heller
Heller Networks

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J. Fan
Jancy, Ltd.

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- Luis Pereira
Ask Poodle, Inc.


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How Does Press Release Optimization Service Work?

Our Process

1) Payment Phase: After your payment is process via PayPal, you may download our Client Data Sheet and email it to pr@123interface.com. Once we have received your completed Client Data Sheet, someone will contact you regarding any clarifications that are needed. It is crucial that you fill out the form as completely as possible, using "N/a" for any questions that you feel will not apply to to this release, or "Decide for me" for any question where you'd prefer we deicde on.

2) Planning Phase: We create a blueprint of your release based upon information you give us about your role within your industry.

3) Keyword Research Phase: We perform our own in-house SEO keyword research for the optimization aspect of the release.

4) Writing Phase: We then write a keyword-optimized press release highlighting your topic and organization, integrating our own in-house (SEO) keyword research.

5) Configuration Phase: We make maximum use of the resources available on the internet to distribute your release electronically (over the internet) to Google News, Yahoo News and a host of other lesser outlets which also seamlessly help to spread the release via the web.


How Press Release Optimization Works

The nature of our optimization of the release causes the release to also be picked up by a great number of unassociated website RSS feeds, which rely on our optimization and configuration to become aware of the release and which post a copy to their own sites, generally with a link back to one of the original distribution network's news release version.

Some of these keyword-related industry site feeds will occasionally provide some additional editorial commentary on some releases on their own site's copy. All RSS feeds picking up the site thereby make the release more visible on regular Google and Yahoo search results once the news engines are just reaching their peak of visibility for the release.

Press release optimization is a detailed process that requires much customized work in the configuration phase just prior to final distribution, as well as the HotTopic Service we include FREE as part of our submission service. We take every available advantage of the available options in the configuration phase, according to the distribution mode selected from above.

For the above reasons, there is a great amount of value possible with just one press release. Regular monthly press releases are a great low cost way to put out timely news releases to the public, regulate the flow of specific information to the public about your organization, and to control the level of visibility according to the amount you invest in each release's distribution. To this end we offer the following distribution options...

>> Select Distribution Mode...


Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is PayPal Auto-Draft?

Autodraft is similar to other autodraft (EFT) drafts from your bank account using PayPal as a third party intermediary agent. Using PayPal is safe and secure, and is commonly used by many Fortune 1000 companies the world over as just one more way to do business with the greater business community of service and product providers.

Q: Can I just supply my own release and save money?

Due to the optimization process, we must extensively revise any pre-written release, therefore we do not offer a discountfor pre-written releases--but we are happy to optimize an already-written release if desired at the normal cost of the full service.

Q: Can I purchase the optimized release ONLY and submit it through our own channels?

Yes. If you have an in-house representative already trained and able to handle distribution, an optimized press release draft alone can be purchased for $175 and would only include the copywriting and optimization using our own keyword research (based upon the client's initial keyword or industry input). Having said that, we normally recommend the full packaged service options due to the many factors involved during the submission process which can create issues in visibility upon launch and ease of pick of your assigned RSS Feed.

Q: Can I upgrade my Standard Visibility WebRelease to a higher distribution mode?

Yes. Additional sub-options are often available as you can see in the chart above. If you have specific preferences for any of these that are covered in your selected package, please note them on the Data Sheet you will receive via email upon payment. Be sure to check your PayPal payment email address for the email containing the Data Sheet.We will contact you via phone and/or email to ensure you receive any additional direction you may require.

Q: Can I go beyond the options on the chart?

Pricing Exceptions: At a higher, more customized level of pricing, we can take on select special requests (not mentioned in our onsite literature) and placement services for serious inquiries.

Q: Any price breaks for bulk purchases ?

Yes. When purchasing groups of 3, 6, 9 or 12 releases in advance, add a $5 price break per release when 3 or more releases are purchased in advance. Ask your InterfacePR representative for a special link in order to take advantage of these bulk purchase prices.

If you would like to SAVE ON MULTIPLE RELEASES, you may request a PayPal link to purchase our standard visibility release subscription on the home page of this site or request a special payment link for your specific need. Any additional upgrades can be purchased at a 4% discount each time you do a release. There are 12 releases per month in the Standard Visibility subscription. Any or all of these, however, can be upgraded prior to ending the approval/feedback phase. If you believe you will use all releases at Social, SEO or Media visibility mode once a month for 12 months, or will need to put out multiple releases each month, ask your InterfacePR Sales Representative for a special link to a slightly discounted 12-month subscription ($5 each release purchased in bulk).

Corporate or other high-volume press release accounts (4 or more a month at 12-months or more) can be set up to provide better coverage

Q: Is there a contract for 12-month Standard Visibility subscription?

Yes. Please note the 1-year contract terms on the subscription package literature.



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  1. "Trying it myself this time to save money."
  2. No press release optimization was performed.
  3. Press release not properly optimized for search engines and RSS feed pickup.
  4. Little or no keyword research before optimizing the release.
  5. Press release optimization performed by employee not experienced in search engine optimization.
  6. Submitted by an untrained organization member.
  7. Poor or unfocused press release copywriting, especially in title.
  8. Wrong distribution mode used.
  9. No direct connection to relevant industry issues.
  10. Little or no focus for release angle used

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